Request for appointment to consult our Physicians


When patients see their doctor is the subject of most NHS complaints. Some knowledge and forward planning can ensure that you see the doctor at your convenience.
Before you make an appointment to see your GP, consider the alternatives. The pharmacist behind the counter at your local chemist may be able to give you the help you need, so you won’t have to spend time waiting for an appointment. Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals, and may offer a wider range of health services than you might think.

Getting a KIAU Appointment
If you want to see a doctor, you’ll usually need to make an appointment. Most KIAU surgeries operate independently and have their own booking routines. Your surgery should be able to offer you an appointment to see a KIAU or other healthcare professional quickly if necessary. However, if it is more convenient, you should also be able to book appointments in advance. Familiarise yourself with your KIAU surgery’s appointment system, and try to plan in advance if you can. For routine appointments you may be able to book online, so check on the practice website or with the receptionist.